Hi, I'm Maurício Aniche, a Software Engineering Researcher at TU Delft.

About me. I am currently a postdoc researcher at the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) that is led by Prof. Dr. Arie van Deursen, at Delft University of Technology. I play several roles in the group, such as conduct my own research, support PhDs and MSc students in their research, and help to teach the software engineering courses that we provide at the university.

Research. My primary research interest is web engineering, and more specifically in empirical software engineering, software testing, software architecture, and software maintenance. I definitely acknowledge the myriad of amazing contributions practitioners have provided to the Web Engineering world. However, in many occasions, they lack tools and knowledge to actually understand the effects of their own creations in the broader picture. We researchers have the skills to step in and help them improve their current practices. Thus, my preferred focus is to understand the challenges faced by developers in a certain activity by means of rigorous Empirical Software Engineering research; with a clear problem in hands, I build approaches, techniques, recommenders, tools, or even educational material that will help developers to improve their jobs.

Education. I got my PhD from University of São Paulo (2016), where I proposed context-aware code metrics and smells for MVC-based software systems. I got my MSc degree also at University of São Paulo (2012), where I studied the perceptions of software developers on Test-Driven Development.

Teaching. I definitely enjoy education. As an associate at Caelum, a Brazilian training company, I trained 996 different students in a total of 1,928 hours, and visited 27 different companies in 12 different cities. Together with Caelum, I co-founded Alura, the most popular e-learning platform for software engineers in Brazil. During this period, I developed 37 online courses in several software engineering topics: : web development, C#, automated software testing, refactoring, Clojure, Javascript, and Design Patterns are some of them.

Book author. To support my training and consultancy activities, I have authored books (in portuguese) about TDD, automated software testing in practice, Object-Oriented design, and introduction to C Programming, which have sold more than 7k copies. The TDD book, in particular, has been used in many universities in Brazil.

Industry experience. I also have substantial experience as a software developer in industry. I worked as software developer for Caelum and Alura (5 years), Locaweb (1 year), and VeriFone (3 years). These experiences made me favour applied research.

Latest News

  • I attended the FaceTAV symposium that was held in Facebook London.
  • We presented our paper Why and How JavaScript Developers Use Linters at ASE 2017.
  • I was invited to the program committee of 2017 VISSOFT NIER and tool demo track.
  • Our paper “To Mock or Not To Mock? An Empirical Study on Mocking Practices” was accepted at MSR 2017.
  • I was invited to the program committee of 2017 SCAM Research Track, 2017 ICSME NIER Track, 2017 SBES Education Track, and 2017 SBES WTD.
  • I was invited to the program committee of 2017 CHASE Research Track.
  • Our paper “A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Software Architecture” was accepted at SIGCSE 17.