To support my training and consultancy activities, I have authored books about TDD, automated software testing in practice, Object-Oriented design, and introduction to C Programming, which have sold more than 10k copies. The TDD book, in particular, has been used at many universities in Brazil.

They are in Brazilian portuguese. English versions will come.

  • Test-Driven Development: Teste e Design no Mundo Real (or TDD: Test and Design in the Real World). Casa do Código, 2012. Java, C#, Ruby, PHP.

  • Orientação a Objetos e SOLID para Ninjas: Projetando Classes Flexíveis (or Object-Orientation and SOLID for Ninjas: Designing Flexible Classes). Casa do Código, 2015. Versions: Java.

  • Testes Automatizados de Software: Um Guia Prático (or Automated Software Testing: A Practical Guide). Casa do Código, 2015. Java.

  • Introdução à Programação em C: Os primeiros passos de um desenvolvedor (or Introduction to Programming in C: The first steps of a developer). Casa do Código, 2015. Book.