Software engineering is and will always be a craft. That being said, we are now closer than ever to make it a more science-based, evidence-based profession. To get there faster, we need a strong alignment between industry and academia. As someone that moved from industry to academia and back, I have had the opportunity to learn from both sides.

In this talk, I will describe what I learned from industry that could be really beneficial for academics interested in making an impact in how software is developed today. From the practical side, I’ll show how engineering organizations take technical and organizational decisions. From an academic perspective, lessons I learned and things I’ll do differently next time.

It is my hope that, after this talk, academics and practitioners will understand each other better. Because, remember: we are better together.

(This talk was initially created for my keynote at QUATIC 2022)


(The slides might differ a bit from the version you saw, as I keep improving them as I go!)