Testing software is definitely a creative activity! However, the machine can help us on focusing our brain cycles on what’s really important. In this talk, I’ll cover different the theory and practice behind:

  • Code coverage tools: what’s the difference between them all and how this impacts automated tools
  • Mutation testing: can we test our test suites? are there tools for it? what are the challenges?
  • Search-based approaches for automated test generation: can the machine write the tests for us? how does this magic work?
  • Monitoring for testing: after all, in complex applications, testing before deploy might not be enough
  • Static analysis tools: how are developers actually using such tools in practice?

Finally, I’ll provide some valuable lessons from the trenches, from a person that was a developer and decided to join academia and fight for better software!

Presented at:

  • Test Automation Day 2018 (Rotterdam, NL).