Maurício Aniche, Tech Academy Lead at Adyen and Assistant Professor in Software Engineering at TU Delft.

Adyen. I am designing Adyen's brand new Tech Academy. Our goal is to provide new joiners with all the tools they need to become productive as soon as possible, as well as to support the upskilling of our engineering team. If you are a software developer, take a look at our engineering positions; we are growing very fast!

TU Delft. My research focuses on helping developers to effectively maintain and evolve their software systems. I also teach Software Testing and Quality (CS1110) to our computer science bachelor students.

Background. I got my PhD (2016) and MSc (2012) degrees in Computer Science at University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. I worked as a software developer for Caelum/Alura, Locaweb, and VeriFone. I co-founded Alura, the most popular e-learning platform for software engineers in Brazil.

Book author. I am the author of Effective Software Testing: A Developer's Guide, published by Manning in 2021. I have also authored books on Test-Driven Development and on the SOLID principles, in Brazilian Portuguese.

Latest News

  • November/22: I'll give a talk about effective software testing at JFall 2022, in Ede!
  • September/22: I'll give a talk about onboarding and upskilling engineers at DevLeaders 2022 in São Paulo!
  • May/22: I'll give a talk at TEQnation 2022!
  • April/22: My book is finally in print!
  • November/21: My new book, Effective Software Testing: A Developer's Guide, was just published by Manning. I hope you enjoy it!
  • October/21: I am now Adyen's Tech Lead Academy. I reduced my work hours at TU Delft.
  • July/21: I was ranked among the top 20 most active early-stage career researchers in software engineering in a recent paper.
  • June/21: I was elected the Teacher of Year of both the Computer Science department and the entire EEMCS. I am honored!
  • May/21: We are proudly presenting 10 research papers at ICSE 21. Download the papers and see their short videos:
  • Dec/20: I was awarded with a TU Delft Education Fellowship due to my efforts in software testing education. I will develop a serious platform for software testing education. Stay tuned!