Hi, I'm Maurício Aniche, Assistant Professor at TU Delft.

I help developers to effectively maintain, test, and evolve their software systems. My current research interests are: systems monitoring and DevOps, empirical software engineering, and automated software testing. Apply for my open PhD position!

Education. I got my PhD from University of São Paulo (2016), where I proposed context-aware quality assessment for MVC architectures. I got my MSc degree on Computer Science at University of São Paulo (2012).

Teaching. Software Testing and Quality (Computer Science bachelor), Software Architecture (Softwre Engineering MSc track), Software Engineering Methods (Computer Science minor).

Industry experience. I worked as software developer for Caelum (5 years), Locaweb (1 year), and VeriFone (3 years). Together with Caelum, I co-founded Alura, the most popular e-learning platform for software engineers in Brazil.

Book author. I have authored books (in portuguese) about TDD, automated software testing in practice, Object-Oriented Design, and introduction to C programming. The TDD book, in particular, has been used at many universities in Brazil.

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